FitFriendMe Community Guidelines

Our guidelines were developed to help make every experience feel safe, respectful, and positive. Everyone who signs up for an FitFriendMe account across all of our apps, including Wellness professional, coaches, and freemium users, fitness facilities, and corporate/ enterprise users, is expected to follow the guidelines.
We believe that everyone should feel supported and welcomed. That’s why we’ve created standards on physical contact, sexual assault and misconduct, threatening and rude behavior, unwanted contact, and discrimination.
Don’t touch strangers or anyone you just met while using any of FitFriendMe’s apps. Hitting, hurting, or otherwise intending to hurt anyone is never allowed.

Sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind is prohibited. Sexual assault and misconduct refers to sexual contact or behavior without explicit consent of the other person.

Personal space and privacy should be respected. The following list provides examples of inappropriate conduct.

  • Behaviors and comments that could make people feel uncomfortable are not acceptable. Examples include nudges, whistles, and winks. Don’t touch or flirt with people you don’t know.
  • Certain conversations that could be perceived as harmless can be offensive. Don’t comment on appearance, perceived gender identity, or sexual orientation. Refrain from asking unrelated personal questions, such as, “Are you in a relationship?” Avoid discussing your own or someone else’s sex life, using explicit language, or making jokes about sex.
  • FitFriendMe has a no-sex rule. Sexual contact is prohibited while using the FitFriendMe apps, including during workout sessions/ events.
  • Threatening and rude behavior, aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behavior is not allowed. Don’t use language or make gestures that could be disrespectful or threatening. It may be a good idea to stay away from personal topics that can potentially be divisive, like religion and political beliefs.
Contact should end when the workout is complete. For example, texting, calling, visiting, or trying to visit someone in person after a workout session/ event is not allowed.
You should always feel safe and welcome. That’s why we don’t tolerate conduct we’ve determined to be discriminatory. Do not discriminate against someone based on traits such as age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation.

In-App Content

Content and reviews that are offensive, contain profanity, are inappropriate or harmful may be removed. Threats, lewdness, harassment, hate speech, content targeting class members, instructors or staff to degrade, shame or insult them, and any personally identifiable information have no place in our community.
Keep things unbiased. Any promotional content will be removed, including external links and offers for other goods and other services. You shouldn’t promote your own site or your own business, and when reviewing class, avoid your own business or employee, your friends’ or relatives’ business, your peers or competitors or incentivizing customers to write reviews.
Avoid content taken from somewhere else, including anything that violates intellectual property rights.
*Please note that these guidelines are subject to change, but the most current version will always be available here.

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